What I’d give to end the ennui, to be positively engaged; assigned to someone, anyone; right now I’d accept any one of the roles I turned down because they didn’t fit and not because they have suddenly become right, but just so that I can be active, using the grey matter, getting up with a purpose, again!

I know I’m very lucky, I’m having a brilliant life, but right now I’m noticing the paint has dried. I even found myself, whilst helping a friend with her dogs, secretly tackling a jigsaw puzzle which had been left on her kitchen table – very poor jigsaw etiquette indeed. But I loved being occupied for that blissful 10 minutes.

I guess it’s different for all interim managers. I guess some deal with it better than I do – making plans for the downtime, travelling the world, whatever.

When in a contract, we get very busy quickly as its in the DNA of good interim’s (awesome in my case!) to really make a difference and to apply maximum effort from the outset. By the time the contract comes to and end we find we can be quite exhausted. But we do it because we can and we’re very good at what we do.

Let me be honest, I do look forward the end of the contract, I see the time I can have exercising, eating, sleeping, having a civilized pint, and doing ‘those jobs’ around the house that have been put off whilst I put in the shift. And, oh those jobs. The list that gets shorter only to be added to; the painting, the cleaning, the updating the will (yes, we’ve done that too), the checking the pension and lastly the payment of a parking fine because I’m a ‘numpty’. All these have been ticked off.

So now what…

Don’t get me wrong, I love interim management; I think it was invented for me. Taking on varied contracts that are always challenging and where I can quickly make a difference, make things happen and get things done. I’ve met some brilliant people, both academically and emotionally, made excellent connections, met god-knows-how-many recruitment people and very much most importantly, I’ve learned huge amounts from everybody I’ve met along the way. I love the variability, flexibility, intensity, uncertainty and the excitement of interim; I love helping in return for the experience I get, its a two-way ‘love-in’. And let’s be honest its a rewarding role financially as well; but tempered with the fact that I will have periods where I earn nothing and whilst I can and do plan for that, what I never seem to plan for is how bored I can get. I’m a nightmare!

So for goodness sake get me out of this. I can’t ride my turbo any longer (legs are looking rather lovely I must say!); I can’t keep cooking so much (we’ll explode); I don’t want to do any more gardening or clean any more cupboards; The car goes in to the garage next week and the dog needs to go to the vets so that’s something to look forward to, isn’t it. Isn’t it?

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